The Logo

A winged white horse barging through the arch of the Kilimanoor Palace is a conglomeration derived from the official emblem of the Kilimanoor royal family, representing its ancient glory and tireless pursuit of art and culture. Besides this, the horse in the logo also refers to the vehicle on which the family deity Sree Dharma Shasta (Lord Ayyappa) rides. It has the features of the unbridled power of the invincible Yagashwa, charging like Uchchaihshravas, the vahana of god Indra, that appears in Ravivarma’s paintings.The spiritual presence of our ancestor, the immortal Painter Prince also is alluded in the logo. In fact the logo is conceived as the divine artist’s celestial re-creation of the Kilimanoor Palace, after reaching Devaloka. Incidentally, Subramaniam Bharati, the renowned Tamil poet, in his poem on Ravivarma’s demise states that he is not actually dead. He imagines that the eminent artist who gave faces to our gods and goddesses has gone to Devaloka, to compare his paintings with the original celestial beings residing there:
“Hast thou to heaven gone
to compare thy handiwork
direct with the originals?”

What a great concept!!!

Amidst the fleeting clouds in the royal blue sky, the immortal spirit of Raja Ravivarma shines like the Polestar–an eternal lamp–lighting up and showing our path, and leading us forward..

Dear friends,
Ramavarma Foundation, launched recently, is a sapling yet to grow and branch out. We are getting ready to flap our wings, soar up and fly to the sky of infinite possibilities.
Inviting all the lovers of art and culture to join us in this most delightful flight..

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